I want to photograph moments that speak to a universal audience. I am interested in potent photographs, full of wonder. I don't want to takeanother pretty picture. I want to speak with a distinctive voice and  capture what it means to live in the here and now.
I want to move people. Beauty can only go so far. It is the underlying, coded message that moves people. If Ansel Adam's photographs were merely beautiful-- we wouldn't continue to react so strongly so many years later. Adam's photographs are beautiful because it speaks to our inner core-- and references a higher being calling us to live our destiny. God speaks through Adam's photographs-- or so it appears. That is what I love a photography. Everything appears so surface until that moment when there is an undercurrent tinge.
A message that no one would have noticed unless it was photographically captured. To be moved is to experience a piece of art and walk away full of questions. For me, photography is about examining what is in front of you and being able to see it for the first time. I want to follow the golden thread. Anything that instinctively interests me, I want to grasp those thoughts and never let them go.